We Are Offering 3 Courses For Our All Inclusive Retreat Coming This October

We are so excited to help each and every one of our students be successful in the lash world and reach their full potential. This is such a great opportunity to grow in your business and we are giving you to tools! We offer 3 courses depending on your skill and level! We offer 3 courses depending on your skill and level!

1.) Classic $1600

This is a beginners course where we go over the basic eyelash extension training program! We are focusing on new practitioners with a year to 0 experience. Throughout this course, we will help you get the basics mastered of classic eyelash application. We go over subjects such as theory, proper isolation, and placement. We also cover glue usage, tweezers, and much more. We want you to succeed and gain the knowledge for you to shine in the beauty industry.

2.) Volume $1800

This two-day course is focusing on more advanced eyelash techniques. We are looking for someone whose interest is in learning proper/advanced techniques. This course is for techs who have over a year of experience in the lash world. Throughout this course, we will teach the advanced technique of multi-lash. Which uses 2 to 6 of the thinnest and finest extensions on 1 natural lash to create sets of 200 to 600 extensions per eye. The volume lashes create a lash fan that wraps around one natural lash at multiple contact point. Which then creates a more fuller look. Volume lashes are perfect for client who do not have a lot of natural lashes.

You will learn the difference between Classic and Volume extensions. In-depth covering proper adhesive usage, perfect fanning, and advanced lash styling. We will go over corrective work, up-selling, and marketing tips.

3.) Mega Volume and Hybrid $2,000

This course is for more advanced lash techs that have experience in volume lashing. We require our students to have experience in volume lash training before requesting this course. Throughout this course, we will cover topics on theory, advanced fan making, placement, and mega volume techniques (Russian Volume). We expand your knowledge by going over covering the gaps, sparse lash treatment plus other techniques.

What’s in the Eye Lash Extension Kit?

Maximum Adhesive (Eye Lash Glue)

-Triple 3 Adhesive (lash glue)



-15 Eye Pads

-1 Pack of Lash Wands

-20 Piece Pack of Lash Glue Rings

-Sterile Water

-1 Manikin Head

-1 set of Volume Tools

-1 set of Classic Tweezers Tools

-Magnifying glass with 5 different lenses

-Lash Tile

-Classic Manual (business forms included)

-Volume Manual

-Hand Sanitizer

-Practice Lash Strips

-Lash Boss Social Media Training Module


-Apron completion Flash Your Style Certification

-Lifetime access to our facility to practice on a model (must give 72-hour notice)

-Online private Facebook Support


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