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Bold brows are in.

In case you haven’t noticed the deluge of online eyebrow tutorials, famous full arches like Cara Delevingne’s, and the mercifully short-lived “#eyebrowsonfleek” trend when it comes to makeup, it’s all about brows.

In fact, according to a study by the market research group, NPD, eyebrow makeup sales jumped 34% in just one year in 2014.

Full, natural eyebrows are becoming more and more achievable, and those of us who lived through the barely-there, over-tweezed eyebrow trend of the 90’s (see: daisy-era Drew Barrymore) are happy to regain our lost arches.

Fun Fact: Your eyebrows aren’t just another step in your morning makeup routine, they’re actually a critical part of facial recognition!

What is exactly microblading?

It is actually semi-permanent makeup (lasts about a year or more, depending on your skin type). It’s basically a tattoo for your eyebrows. The hairs are traced by many tiny needles that are reunited in one single line forming a blade. The result is very natural since it perfectly imitates hair.

Microblading, how to get through?

The first step is to talk with the person who will perform microblading : what you expect as a result, the shape, the color.

Next, the longest step in the procedure is to take measure and to draw the shape of the eyebrows.

Then, the beautician applies a numbing cream on the region.

After a few hours, the extra vaseline is removed and you let the eyebrows dry for 48 hours. After that, you have to put unscented cream around 2 or 3 times a day to keep them hydrated. The most important part is to not removed the scabs, even if it’s really scratchy. Otherwise, the pigment could come off!

After 6 weeks, you get the touch-up and you can even out the eyebrows if there is some spots missing pigments!

Here are some results of our previous Microblading work


You shouldn’t be worried if you have scabs after a few days! You’ll see, they will be gone pretty quickly. Also, the pigment can look a bit pale at first but it will get darker after a while.

To get perfect eyebrows you can call at 509-572-2777 or book online http://www.flashyourstyle.net/book-online/ to schedule your appointment.

Microblading Training Certification Kennewick Wa (2 live models)


Microblading Training Certification WorldWide.

Kits include enough supplies for at least 25 clients, 6 clients and you will more than pay for this training.

  • 20 disposable Microblading pens
  •  3 Permanent makeup pigments
  • Practice ink
  • Sharps container
  • Alcohol wipes
  • 1x Anesthesia
  • Microblading ruler stickers (25)
  • Carrying bag
  • 1 gown
  • Cosmetic art pen
  • Fake skin
  • Ring applicators
  • Fitzpatrick chart
  • Training Manual & Certification upon completion!

Everything to get you started

Continuous education support

2 day training class, 2nd day hands-on work on two live models!



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Total tuition is $2100

Date: November 5 and 6


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