Beauty Hacks 101

How many beauty bloggers you bookmarked on your computer? (their tips are super helpful when you’re having a DIY makeup malfunction!) Probably a lot? We are also a fan of Beauty Hacks, so this blog is all about Beauty Hacks. We will help you from makeup application tweaks to hair styling help to at-home DIY products.


Below, life-changing beauty hacks from the pros.


1. Use white eyeliner as a shadow base

We’ve heard of using white eyeliner on the lower lash line to make eyes appear larger, but we had no idea it could be used as a base coat, as Kara Manos, of Politics of Pretty, suggests. 
To try at home, we recommend: NYX Cosmetics Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk, $4.50;

2. Refresh mascara with Vaseline

Re-applying mascara mid-day usually leads to a clumpy mess of eyelashes. But thanks to this helpful hack from YouTube vlogger Elle Fowler, we’re bidding adieu to crunchy clumps forever.

To try at home, we recommend: Vaseline Original Jelly, $3.69 for 7.5 oz.; at drugstores

3. Contour your ABC’s

When it comes to contouring, Kim Kardashian‘s professionally chiseled cheekbones immediately come to mind. So when Annie Atkinson, of She’s In Glow, explained that the process is actually quite simpler than having a pro shape your face with bronzer and illuminator on the daily, we were hooked.

To try at home, we recommend: Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate in Intensity One kit, $75;

4. Create your own lip exfoliator

Exfoliating doesn’t have to be fancy and expensive—just take Ann Colville Somma’s, of Cult of Pretty, advice!

To try at home, we recommend: Buf-Puf Facial Sponge, $4.09;
Vaseline Original Jelly, $3.69 for 7.5 oz.; at drugstores

5. Start a skin diary

When using any many products as we do on a daily basis, sometimes it’s hard to keep track of how our bodies react. But now we can, thanks to Manos.

6. Invest in a cuticle does-it-all

Cuticle care doesn’t seem like something that should be taken so seriously, but, according to Maria Vlezko, of, it totally should—you just need to find the right product to do it all.

To try at home, we recommend: Orly Cutique Cuticle & Stain Remover, $10;

7. Follow these five steps to healthy, long nails

And to get your healthiest nails yet, Vlezko recommends following these five tips to protect and strengthen your nail beds and cuticles:
1. Protect—Use a base coat that contains calcium and proteins to strengthen and thicken
2. File and buff—File once a week to keep nails healthy. It’s like trimming split ends to prevent future damage
3. Moisturize—Hydrate hands and cuticles daily to keep them soft and moisturized
4. Prevent—Wear gloves when you’re doing house and yard work and never use your nails to pick or pry things
5. Supplement—Eat vitamins and eat well to keep nails strong

8. Perfect your braid with a styling cocktail

Were all about using volumizing products to add shape to our ‘dos, but we never thought to mix them with wax. That is, until Stephanie Brinkerhoff, of Hair and Makeup by Stephanie, mentioned it. Now, we’re never looking back.

To try at home, we recommend: Sexy Hair Big Sexy Powder Play, $16.95;
Redken Wax Blast 10 High Impact Finishing Spray Wax, $18;

9. Research products on message boards

When thinking of making a major purchase, you should always do your homework on the brand and read through customer reviews to find out if the product truly is right for you. And according to Keiko Lynn, of, the same goes for makeup!

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