Dress Codes: What To Wear For Every Occasion

There is much more to our dressing than we might imagine. Our dressing says a great deal about who we are and influences all kinds of impressions. People make snap judgments about us from the clothes we wear. They draw conclusions about our personality from the way we look. So if you think “opinions” don’t matter, “impressions” might do which is why “dressing” most certainly matters.

The dressing is an art obviously, the art of knowing how to carry ourselves during various occasions we partake in. The occasions dictate how we should dress to suit the mood of the events. Dressing for any occasion is about paying respect to the occasion and the people around you. Here below we present to you an easy guide to dressing codes for every occasion.

A wedding

A wedding usually is a black-tie or a white-tie event unless the bride and the groom have decided to theme it to some movie they love.

Women should always keep in mind to steer clear of the white dresses in weddings as the color white is just for the bride. Put on the best gowns you have. It is floor-length gowns for weddings but the etiquette rules are softening, knee-length dress is equally fine. Accessorize according to the mood of the event.

For men, it’s always a tuxedo. The dark suit never does wrong in such formal events with dark party shoes. Choose the colors suitable for the time and the season.

A cocktail party

A cocktail party is largely an informal social gathering where you dress almost-formally; so the dress code for a cocktail party is “dressy-casual” i.e. semi-formal.

Tuxedos for men and evening dresses for women are the dress to a sport in these parties. Black color has the evening vibe of the cocktail parties but also any dark color would do as long as you keep it inconspicuous.

Men’s cocktail attire accommodates suit, coat, and ties while women’s attire is a knee-length dress with some frill. It’s acceptable if your dress is a little above your knee but you should always keep in mind that there’s a thin line between being sexy and being vulgar.

A dinner party

Suit up in your cocktail attire if it is a formal dinner party. It is always wiser to ask the host for advice. You don’t want to offend your host at their own table, do you? So, don’t overdress. Also, you risk offending your dinner companions if you underdress.

It always pays off taking out a little time to make a call to your host before you show up at their doorsteps. If it’s a festive event, dress up like you are there to celebrate, little glitz and color won’t hurt.

A business dinner or a company party

Don’t dress up an outfit that is too provocative during a business dinner party. You want to be taken seriously when it comes to job promotions and dressing provocatively on any of the company occasions would not play to your benefit. The dress code is “smart-casual” i.e. casual but works appropriately. When it is about work, you should always keep it professional.

Style gurus suggest that women can wear dress pants, a casual dress or a skirt with a nice blouse to a company party. Men are advised to stick to khakis or dress pants in a collared shirt and loafers. Look sharp, look professional. That’s the mantra.

An interview

A job interview is one of the most important days of ones’ life. You’ve got to make a good first impression which, for the most part, decides that you remain or you leave. A suit is the standard attire for an interview.

Your attire should reflect that you are disciplined and committed, so look polished. If you are at loss, making a call to the HR executives to inquire about the attire is perfectly acceptable. It shows your respect for the company and interest in the job.

A tailored suit still tends to be the standard for most corporate companies. Ladies would better avoid accessorizing too much with jangly jewelry, it’s distracting. A watch would suffice and serve well, for both men and women, it shows you value time. Don’t presume that they won’t notice, after all, you are literally asking them to judge you.


A Baptism, a Bar Mitzvah, or Some Other Religious Ceremony

Chose an outfit that is appropriate for a religious facility. Religious events tend to be more conservative thus, it is better to double-check their conventions before you choose offending apparel.

Women are suggested to wear a skirt that is below the knee, cardigans or nice khakis with no shoulder or back visible. Stay away from low-cut or clingy outfits as they can be offending in such places.

However, on celebrations like a baptism, it is important not to wear anything that is too serious, go with the colors of the festivity. Men can wear a proper formal suit.

A funeral

The color black is the safest choice if you are dressing up for a funeral but it is not mandatory. Solemnity of the event can be conveyed with other dark neutrals like navy, charcoal or forest green.

For women, a pantsuit or a knee-length dress is deemed appropriate for the occasion. Opt for quiet jewelry like pearls. Men can put on a dark suit if that doesn’t look anything near festive.

A Night at the Theater, the Ballet, or the Opera

There were days when a night at a theatre, ballet or opera meant dressing up to the best to flaunt largely. Men were suited on their best tuxedos, women put on their best ball gowns with gloves and scarfs to complement their men.

However, it is not that way anymore and if you dress like that, you will probably be overdressed for the occasion. Casual outfits, jeans, and t-shirts are common sights these days. That doesn’t mean you can’t dress up for a classy night out. Throw on your cocktail attire or opt for a pair of jeans and t-shirt as you please.

A First Date

The first date is all about leaving a good impression. The secret here is to be yourself and dress casually as you’d always do. If you are trying too hard, that for sure won’t go unnoticed which might play against you. This applies to both the guys and the girls.

Men should wear jeans and shirts with necessary accessories that would sum up their personality. Women, usually, need not do much to impress guys but having said that, don’t look too ragged and laid-back. Stylists suggest to dress up with a nice pair of skinny jeans and a sweater or shirt to look casual yet trendy.

Family Get-Together, Barbecue or Birthday Party

This is family, go laid-back with your choices and get comfortable. The code is casual. Anything goes. The stylists say, “If you are a woman, wear a sundress, a skirt or pants with a pretty top to a casual event. If you are not a woman, wear khakis with a button-down, a sweater, or a polo shirt.”

The simplest code to dressing is to dress largely according to your physique, time and season to keep alive the elegance and comfort at the same time.

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Eyelash Extensions – Enhancement Of Beauty

The eyes are one of the first features people notice when they meet someone new, to make the most out of your eyes, and your first impression, you can add eyelash extensions. Getting long, lush lashes and then adding eye-popping (pardon the pun!) makeup can make your eyes really stand out, and who wouldn’t want that?

Even if you’re not wearing any other eye makeup, your eyes will still have that exotic look that no one can ignore. Extensions will give you the impact you want no matter where you are, or what you are doing.

If you have determined that eyelash extensions are the right choice for you, you have two distinct options. You can either apply them yourself, and save a lot of money in the process, or go to Flash Your Style and have it done professionally.

If you have the budget, and this is your first time, you may be better off having a professional apply them for you. It can be a little tricky and as with pretty much everything, practice does make perfect.

It’s also a good way for you to watch what they’re doing so you will have an easier time if and when you decide to do it for yourself. Most stylists can even show you how to do it and answer any questions that come to mind.

If you choose to start right off with the do it yourself option you should get a kit. Not only will you get detailed directions with a kit, you will also get everything needed to apply the lashes.

The first time you apply your lashes, you shouldn’t have any big plans. Expecting to do your own lashes an hour before a big date or a special occasion may not be wise. If you do run into any problems you’ll have really put yourself under a lot of pressure.

Instead, do it the first time when you have plenty of time. That way if you have some difficulties you won’t be adding to the pressure by running out of time too. And don’t forget, you bought a kit for a reason. Make sure you carefully follow the directions.

When buying your extensions you have the choice of buying eyelashes that are made of real human hair or those that are made up of synthetic products. The real hair option is the most expensive but they also look real (duh, they are real).

The synthetic lashes will come in many quality levels and you do get what you pay for. The higher the quality the higher the price. It’s usually not a good idea to get the cheapest one you can find.

For anyone who wants to get the glamorous look of long, lush eyelashes and maybe take what nature has given you up a notch, eyelash extensions are a great way to go. Whether you do it yourself or go to us and get it done, you can really make your eyes ‘pop’, and isn’t that what it’s all about?

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Insanely Cold Temperature Are Literally Freezing People’s Eyelashes

Throughout the country, individuals are dealing with the harshest weather we have actually seen in decades, with temperatures plunging to shocking, life-threatening numbers, like -45 degrees Fahrenheit and even worse in parts of the Midwest. Not just is the weather actually colder in Chicago than in Antarctica right now, however the outcomes of stepping outside for a few mins to shovel snow or stroll the pet resemble something out of a movie. It’s so icy that people’s eyelashes are cold.

Individuals on social networks are publishing commentary and also images of themselves developing into Elsa from Frozen just by dealing with their lives in a polar vortex. While it does look sort of amazing, it must go without saying that you actually shouldn’t try it just for the ‘gram, given that this polar vortex shit threatens. (And also honestly, Kylie Jenner will probably turn frozen lashes into a thing for Kylie Cosmetics before that IRL lashes also thaw anyway. So perhaps simply wait for that?).

“Depending on how cold it is, you can feel them freeze right away,” says Ashley Sullivan of Duluth, Minnesota. “It doesn’t hurt and doesn’t affect your eyesight, but by the end of a hike, you get the pretty frost. The aftermath isn’t so pretty as the ice melts and mascara runs down your face. But it’s like Mother Nature’s art on while you’re outside, if you think about it. It’s like you’re your own snowflake with the frost vibrating to your own energy.”

“I was just out there with my dog and we weren’t going to be out for long, but I made sure to bundle up anyway,” says Isabella Raymundo of Bloomington-Normal, Illinois. “All I remember is watching my dog sniff around, blinking, and then all of a sudden I noticed little icicles hanging off of my lashes. It was like they came out of nowhere!”

“Friends, it was COLD. Cold like I’ve never felt,” wrote Cynthia Wheeler, who went outside for a jog in Chicago. “I felt like I was in the movie Day After Tomorrow. I will tell you, I wasn’t the only runner out there.”

“It felt like my eyes were going to freeze together,” says Liz Stangel of Green Bay, Wisconsin. “I had my face completely in my scarf, but the moisture from me breathing kept blowing up into my eyes. The longer I was out, the more I was worried my eyes would stick together.”

As for why this phenomenon happens, we asked New York City dermatologist Joshua Zeichner to discuss. “If it is chilly sufficient, water will freeze, whether it’s on the ground or on your body,” he states. “Generally speaking, our body temperature prevents water on our skin from freezing, which is why your water-based moisturizers don’t freeze on your skin. However, when it comes to hair and eyelashes, if there is water on them and they are not warmed by direct contact with our bodies, they can freeze.”

Stay warm and well moisturized out there, people. It’s cold.

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Hey Good Looking! Beauty Tips For All Types

Learning about beauty can be very overwhelming, but just like anything else, it can also be very easily researched, taught, and learned. Now that you have found this list of tips, hopefully, you can become more informed when it comes to beauty so that you can refine your methods and create a proper beauty regimen for yourself.


Instead of applying false eyelashes that may fall off sometime during the day, use an eyelash curler. An eyelash curler will curl your lashes upwards and away from the eye, making your eyes appear bigger. Make sure you use the curler before applying mascara, or you’ll have to reapply it.

Apply mascara until you reach the desired look for your eyelashes. You may avoid doing this because of a clumpy or unnatural look. However, there are ways to make your eyelashes appear longer with mascara that does not look overdone. When you get the desired look you want you should try to separate your lashes with a tool and this will take away any clumpiness.

Always apply a heat protectant spray to your hair before using a curling iron, flat iron or hair dryer. Heat can damage your hair, leaving it brittle, dry and full of split ends. Just like their name implies, heat protectant sprays coat your hair to protect it from the heat. This allows it to stay smooth, sleek and shiny no matter how you choose to style your hair.

Power-up your face-washing routine. Use an at-home facial appliance with a rotating, massaging brush that loosens dirt and makeup. Dermatologists prefer this cleansing option to scrub, as it is less harsh on your skin. Conditions, such as rosacea and acne, clear up and make the way to better-looking skin.

When you are filing your nails, be sure to only go in one direction. If you go back and forth you are sure to weaken the nail. The stress that this causes will damage the nail plate and make your nails more susceptible to breaking a lot more easily then they will if you go in one direction when filing.

A great tip when it comes to beauty is to not overdo the makeup. Often times novices have a tendency to put on too much makeup and as such make themselves look worse. Use makeup sparingly, and you’ll find you will be turning guys heads everywhere you go.

If you love certain nail polish, and it starts to look a little dry or is about to run out, add a little bit of nail polish remover to the bottle. Shake it very well, and you will end up with having an easier time getting some more use out of it.

Not that bad, correct?

Like anything else, the world of beauty is vast and has a wealth of information available on it. Sometimes you just need a little hint as to where, to begin with, it so that you can “jump right in“.


Hopefully, you have received that from the above tips.

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Collagen: A Natural Protein

Summary: Collagen is the significant structural component of all connective tissue.

As we age, we notice lines on our forehead, at the sides of our mouth; wrinkles and laugh lines, which are one of the things we don’t want on our face. Also, we feel aches and pains, especially in our joints.

It is not about we want to hide our age, it’s just that these make us feel not so good about ourselves. Aging is inevitable; all of us will go through the same process.

However, there are ways and means to slow down this process, but first, we should understand the aging process and its mechanism.

Starting at the age of 25, our body tends to produce a lesser amount of collagen – about 15 % less every year. Collagen is a natural protein that is the main component of cartilage, ligaments, and tendons, and the main protein component of bones and teeth. Along with soft keratin, it is accountable for skin potency and elasticity, and the dilapidation of skin which leads to wrinkles that come with aging. The way our skin looks is directly related to the way our skin is supported. In the mid layer of skin, called dermis, collagen is made by fibroblast cells; it forms a fibrous network on which new cells can grow. It strengthens blood vessels and plays a role in tissue development. This is why broken bones can regenerate and wounds can heal. It is present in the cornea and lens of the eye in crystalline form. This is also used in cosmetic surgery and burns surgery.

Collagen treatment or Replacement Therapy efficiently takes away most signs of aging and brings back your youthful face once again.

The natural appearance of your skin may be enhanced as the curve of the support structure is restored. Depending on the amount of sun damage, age, and skin condition, the treatment program will be tailored to incorporate your individual needs.

The collagen in human skin is very much alike to the one found in certain animals. As a result, animal collagen has many medical applications. Heat valves used during surgery are also made of collagen. Injectable bovine collagen is made of sterile, purified collagen from cow’s skin. Human collagen implants are highly purified and isolated from human skin grown in a laboratory. Skin cells are grown primarily to manufacture living skin-equivalents needed for treating burns and ulcers.

Collagen has been extensively used in cosmetic surgery and certain skin substitutes for burns patient. And it is good to know that there is a therapy for burns cases. Just imagine what will happen to these patients if no remedy can be done to improve their situation? But, the cosmetic use of collagen is on the way out because there is a fairly high rate of allergic reactions causing protracted redness and these reactions require noticeable patch testing prior to cosmetic use. Also, most medical collagen is derived from cows, posing the risk of transmitting diseases. The patient’s own fat or hyaluronic acid is readily available as a substitute for collagen.

Collagens are still in use in the construction of artificial skin substitutes used in the management of severe burns. These maybe bovine or porcine and are used in combination with silicones, glycosaminoglycans, fibroblasts, growth factors, and other substances.


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Beauty Tips That Will Make You Radiate

Beauty regimens can be very intimidating to someone that has never done them before. They can easily lead to a bit of information overload because of all of the resources available to those inexperienced. Below are some tips to assist you in getting all of this information organized to where you can start creating an effective beauty regimen.

If you need to soak up extra oil in your T-Zones, you can use blotting papers to quickly give your face a more matte appearance. These sheets often come in small, pocket-sized packets; many are offered with rice powder or in a powder-free option. The packets are very cheap and can be slipped into your purse or desk drawer.
Don’t think you need to cut off your hair every time you’re bored with its style. Sometimes it’s easy to lack imagination when faced with hair that has outgrown its former style. One easy trick to try is to part it in different ways. You may be shocked how much you like it.
For beautiful nails, put a top coat on top of your nail polish every time. Topcoat will not only keep your nails looking shiny, it will extend the length of time between polishing. Avoid substituting clear nail polish for topcoat as it is not the same product, and will not provide the same benefit.
To highlight your eyes and make them look larger and more awake, use a shimmery, pale shade of vanilla or light gold just under your brow bone. You can sweep it down to cover your entire lid for a natural look or sweep it on after applying your other eye colors to frame your eyes.
Gorgeous, brightly colored hair can be very challenging to maintain. Instead of redyeing it over and over again to enhance the color, invest in a good color-enhancing or color-depositing shampoo product. Use it every other time you wash your hair, alternating with your regular shampoo. Note though that using it every day may weigh down your hair unnecessarily.
If you have a hard time getting your eyeliner to stay put, you can apply eyeshadow after you put on eyeliner. You should lightly put your shadow over your eyeliner with a cotton ball. This will seal the application of eyeliner and it will last longer and not run.
If your eye area is shiny or oily, you should prepare the surrounding skin for makeup application beforehand. Using an eyeliner brush, sweep on a thin line of your face powder all around your eye. This will absorb excessive moisture. After this, you can apply your eyeliner or eyeshadow without fear of smudging or flaking.
You have curled your hair with a curling iron, but have you ever thought about using heat on your eyelashes? No, don’t use a curling iron on your eyelashes because that is just too dangerous, but heat up your eyelash curler with a hair dryer for a few seconds, so your eyelashes will curl more easily.

Hopefully, these tips have provided you with some very valuable information, as well as given you a way to organize all of the thoughts and information you may have already had on beauty regimens. Keeping these tips in mind when you start creating your own can help you one day become a beauty pro.


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Discover The Most Popular And Effective Beauty Tips

Some people may say that beauty is only skin deep. However, your appearance plays a big role in how other people think and react to you. Because of this, it’s important to do all you can to look your best. This blog will give you some tips on how you can do just that.

If you hate the problems of clumpy and matted eyelashes, try using an eyelash curler. This will make the eyelashes thick and full without using any products. When using the curler, start at the roots and only use on lashes that are clean. Over time your lashes will become fuller, thicker, and beautiful.


Use a base coat, two layers of polish and a top coat to maximize the length of time that your nail polish will look great. This will give you the look of a professional manicure and keeps the varnish on the nail much longer than what one coat of polish would.


If you have large ears and you want to hide them, you may want to consider growing your hair long enough so that you can cover them. Try to avoid putting your hair in a bun or ponytail as these hairstyles will just make your large ears more noticeable.


People who have fair skin and hair need a little extra tinting to bring out the definition. The best is to use eyebrow tinting, this will bring out the color of your eyebrows as well as add an extra pop to your eyes. Sometimes the subtle little things can make the most difference.


For a moisturizing, beautifying bath treatment, add rice milk, soy milk, or oat milk to a tub filled with warm (not hot) water. Milk of any kind softens and smooths the skin, making it appear youthful and more evenly toned. It will also make sensitive skin feel better, leaving you calm and relaxed.


If you have a hard time getting your eyeliner to stay put, you can apply eyeshadow after you put on eyeliner. You should lightly put your shadow over your eyeliner with a cotton ball. This will seal the application of eyeliner and it will last longer and not run.


If you have an overly pale appearance this can be due to iron deficiency. Take a daily iron supplement or eat a spoonful of iron-rich manuka honey. This will help you look healthier and give your skin a natural glow.


Keep any lotion available in case of emergencies. You never know when your appearance will be in need of some quick fixes. Lotion can not only immediately fix dry skin, but it can also fix a frizzy hair emergency. Rub a pea-sized amount into your palm and smooth through hair.

No matter what your feelings about beauty, you can certainly benefit from looking your best. Be sure to apply as much of the advice in this blog as you can. As you continue to look more attractive on the outside, you may be surprised at how much better you feel on the inside.


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We Are Falling Into Fashion This Season With Our New Arrivals

When you walk into our salon, you’ll soon realize its much more than a salon. With the season changing and the crisp air upon us, we bring to you our inventory of fall fashion to keep you cozy, warm and looking great. We have so many new arrivals that we are excited to share with you!

Fall… isn’t it everyone’s favorite time of year? With so many activities this season from pumpkin patches to football games, we have a full boutique stocked with all the fashion-forward essentials to complete your wardrobe this season. We have a selection of cozy and warm sweater in wine and mustard colored options. We have a selection of accessories to wallets, earrings, and necklaces. So make sure to stop in so we help pair your outfits with some great accessories!




If you want these looks, be sure to stop in and say hi! We are located at 118 Keene Rd. Richland, WA!

Introducing Our New Pre-Made Fans, A Game Changer In The Lash World

We are so excited to announce our new product of pre-made fans for all our lash experts! We absolutely love this product. We want all of you to be a part of this game changer in the lash industry.

This will change how you do lashing forever, especially if you struggle to fan each lash during your application. It is a very delicate and intricate procedure than classic eyelash application that creates volume and beautiful set of lashes each and every time!

This new product comes with so many advantages. With a pre-made fan, this takes the time off each appointment because you no longer have to fan the individual lash. Speeds up the time in application gives extra volume for your clients to have extra fluff. This is for professional use and can be used as a volume effect. It is knot not free to create a natural and dense look. It is extra lightweight and has superior curl retention, and elegant thickness making the eyelashes look vivid and shiny.

Each pre-made fan comes beautifully in our Flash Your Style lash tray. Semi-matte finish short stem strong bonding and long lasting fast application time. Each tray comes with 16 lines per tray and 320 per tray. These lashes are heat bonded together. Each lash is joined using heat which means no clumps at the base! There is no additional weight if you were to hand make them yourself. They are available in a variety of thickness and lengths. Fans D and C curl heat bonded 0.07 thickness sizes 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, and 15mm. Each set comes with an option of 3D, 4D, and 5D lashes.

We have this product available in store and on Amazon as well!

Call us today at 509.572.2777 if you have any questions!

Join Us For A Private All-Inclusive Retreat Tailored To You

We are so excited to announce our private all-inclusive retreat coming this October! This is a special opportunity for every person who wants hands-on experience and to have fun doing it!

Accommodations include a 2-night hotel stay at Hilton Hotel, including breakfast, pool, and more!

We offer our Classic, Volume, Mega, and Hybrid Lash Training VIP retreat with Leslie, Laura, and Lisa!

This retreat includes everything, you only need to get yourself here!

We are looking for people who are serious about their career in the beauty business! We are looking for focused individuals that want to become one of the best in their area.

So where is the retreat? Richland, WA! At our Flash Your Style Salon. 118 Keene Road Richland, WA 99352

So what will we cover?

This course will go over theory, techniques, and methods with hands on training on an actual model. We ask that you find your model and if you have trouble finding one, please let us know in advance.

1. Basic hygiene, cleaning, and preparation.
2. Allergies and irritations.
3. Workplace set up.
4. Teaching different type of lash thickness, curls and thickness.
5. Each tweezer type and selection.
6. Proper tweezer handling, positioning and angels.
7. Lash sets. Designs, isolation, and mapping.
8. In-fills and aftercare
9. Proper lash application
10. Safe lash extension removal
11. Hands-on practice
12. Client schedule and management
13. Photography
14. Social Media
15. Marketing and Pricing

…and much much more!!

This is the time to establish yourself as a professional in the beauty industry. To make your mark in the fastest growing sector in the beauty industry, Eye Lash Extensions.

We want to show you the techniques that are being utilized worldwide! We tailor our trainings to give you all the tools necessary to become successful. The knowledge you will receive in these courses are valuable in itself. These courses will pay for itself as you attract and gain more clients!

Check our in-depth Courses article explains prices and what you will learn from what course!

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