Most Asked Questions About Eyebrow Microblading

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If you’re someone who’s spent your entire post-pubescent life perfecting your eyebrows, and perhaps has even sought the most excellent brow aesthetician in the metro, you can now end your quest for Cara Delevingne or Lily Collins (whoever your prefer) arches with microblading—or not.

Microblading Training

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  • Does it hurt?

Yes, It does hurt. But it’s tolerable. It’s like threading [your brows]—something like that. If you’ve done Facials, Brazilian wax, this would be an easy, breezy treatment. Of course, we also consider the pain tolerance of each client because that’s relative. We ask them what their freak zone would be and then we adjust the treatment a little bit for them. There are also other conditions like if you’re nearing your menstruation; the level of pain tolerance is affected.

  • How long will it last?

Generally, it lasts for 2 years. But then, of course, it’s all dependent on the lifestyle of the person. The sun will always be a culprit to any type of fading. The lifestyle, body regeneration, your age, the skin regimen, what you take, the vitamins you take, the supplements you take, the products that you put on the skin can all affect how long before the treatment fades.

  • How long does the procedure take?

On average, two hours.

  • How long is the recovery or healing time?

Around one week. Post-treatment care is given and should be strictly followed for best results. We also make sure to tell our clients that the actual, final result of the procedure is visible only after four weeks. There’s scabbing, retouch, etc. in between.

  • What do the eyebrows look like immediately after the procedure? Is there a downtime?

No downtime because we just mimic the natural growth and color of the hair. It’s not a huge change but it’s more like a transformation. People would not look at you and say in shock, “What happened to you?” You will just look polished.

  • Is touch-up necessary?

Touch-up is usually necessary and for us, it’s important because, during the cycle, there’s a lot of circumstances that the artist cannot control. One will be the client’s after-care follow up. We prescribe an after-care that the client should strictly follow to avoid infections and achieve the best results. So in essence, the result is 50 percent the actual microblading procedure done by the artist and 50 percent after-care done by the client.

  • How do you choose the shape?

A shape is determined by the facial landscape of the person. So there are points like the ocular bone. We utilize the T-compass, which is the tool for getting the golden ratio of your brows. For the golden ratio, we measure the sclera of the eye, which determines how far the brows are apart. Each face is determined by your own set of bone structure. So we recommend the ideal shape or the classic shape based on these. We want your eyebrows to be timeless. So, it’s very important to discuss with our clients how their brows should look like based on what would complement their other facial features like eyes, nose, and lips best.

  • How do you choose the color of the pigment?

The color of the pigment is determined by your skin color, natural color of your hair, and also the color of your eyes. There are people who are very, very fair but their eyes are dark so they have a certain color that fits them. And there are also people who are very fair with light eyes. There are certain colors for them, as well. It’s really what suits your face and the colors that naturally occur in your body that would determine the color of your brows.

  • How should one prepare for the treatment?

To help the skin prepare for the treatment, I usually ask my clients to refrain from using toners two months before the procedure. No Botox at least two weeks before and two weeks after. All types of facial procedures like facials, peeling, etc. should also be avoided within two weeks leading to the procedure and should be safe to do two weeks after the procedure.

  • Who is not suitable for the procedure?

People who have diabetes because the healing time might not be determined. For pregnant women and for nursing women, it’s not about safety. It’s more about guaranteeing how the results will be and how happy they will be with the brows after. Because of the erratic hormonal changes that occur in the body, the pigments might not stick to the skin.

  • Are there risks and complications?

As long as you follow all the post-treatment care, there shouldn’t be a problem. Of course, the reason why we also have the consultation is to screen and determine and get a feel of what the client’s lifestyle is—if the treatment is suited for her. There’s not a lot of risks really, not even allergies. This is actually a very superficial treatment.

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Everything You Need To Know Before You Make An Eyelash Extension Appointment To Us

Can you cry? Can you go blind? How long will it take?

If you’ve ever wanted fuller, longer eyelashes you are not alone. Everyone from Beyoncé to your favorite Real Housewife has taken steps to get the lashes of their dreams. One of those steps is eyelash extensions. Extensions are a more permanent option that has the power to transform your face and make you throw away your falsies for good. However, if you’re like me—meaning, on the crazy side—you’ll have a few questions before a stranger glues a foreign object on your delicate lids.

What are lash extensions?

Lash extensions are synthetic fibers that are attached to the natural lashes using medical grade adhesive. Lash extensions can come in a variety of sizes ranging from 6mm-18mm with a few curl width options. With proper placement, lash extensions can make the eyes appear wider and more lifted. With proper care, lash extensions should last up to six weeks before all the extensions shed.

Extensions shed! Will all my lashes fall out?

Your extensions will shed with your natural hair growth cycle which is typically every six to eight weeks. Refills are a great way to extend the life of your lashes and recommended every two to three weeks.

Will my natural lashes be damaged?

If you see a licensed and certified professional your natural lashes should not be harmed. Lash extensions alone will not ruin your lashes. Damage to the natural lashes is the result of the improper application, or the stylist not selecting the correct type of lash for an existing natural lash. There are a few factors that contribute to this problem: Applying extensions that are too heavy for the natural lash will result in premature shedding, and rubbing your eyes will also result in immediate breakage. This is actually the worst thing you can do, so it’s important to try to be as gentle as you can with your eyes.

Okay, I’m ready for my appointment. How can I prepare?

We recommend not to wear mascara on your appointment or using any oil-based makeup products around the eyes. This will help the adhesive stick better and make the application process flow much smoother.

How long does the complete process take?

The initial appointment can take anywhere from one to two hours depending on the style and volume desired.

What about the horror stories? Can I go blind?

It is extremely crucial to not let the adhesive get in contact with the eye itself—this could cause blindness. However, in Flash Your Style of lash experience, this has never happened.

It is extremely rare since so little adhesive is being used. Make sure to always check to see if the technician is licensed and certified and do NOT go for the cheapest price!

It’s also recommended to avoid steam and wetting your lashes for the first 48 hours. You can, of course, wash your face and take a shower, just make sure that no water touches your lashes.

And crying?

Crying is the same as getting the lashes wet. Try to avoid it if at all possible. That means, avoid watching The Notebook.

Can I wear mascara with eyelash extensions?

One of the fabulous benefits of having eyelash extensions is that you no longer need mascara. We don’t recommend mascara with lash extensions as it’s hard to remove and will cause the bond to break. If you must wear mascara, try to just wear it on your lower lashes and avoid waterproof mascaras.

How to Book an appointment?

To book an appointment with us, you can visit our page at Email us at, You can also schedule an appointment with us at (509) 572-2777 or Visit our location at 118 Keene Road Richland, WA 99352For more blogs like this, make sure to subscribe on our mailing list or like our Facebook Page Flash Your Style Page

For more blogs like this, make sure to subscribe on our mailing list or like our Facebook Page Flash Your Style Page

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Dress Codes: What To Wear For Every Occasion

There is much more to our dressing than we might imagine. Our dressing says a great deal about who we are and influences all kinds of impressions. People make snap judgments about us from the clothes we wear. They draw conclusions about our personality from the way we look. So if you think “opinions” don’t matter, “impressions” might do which is why “dressing” most certainly matters.

The dressing is an art obviously, the art of knowing how to carry ourselves during various occasions we partake in. The occasions dictate how we should dress to suit the mood of the events. Dressing for any occasion is about paying respect to the occasion and the people around you. Here below we present to you an easy guide to dressing codes for every occasion.

A wedding

A wedding usually is a black-tie or a white-tie event unless the bride and the groom have decided to theme it to some movie they love.

Women should always keep in mind to steer clear of the white dresses in weddings as the color white is just for the bride. Put on the best gowns you have. It is floor-length gowns for weddings but the etiquette rules are softening, knee-length dress is equally fine. Accessorize according to the mood of the event.

For men, it’s always a tuxedo. The dark suit never does wrong in such formal events with dark party shoes. Choose the colors suitable for the time and the season.

A cocktail party

A cocktail party is largely an informal social gathering where you dress almost-formally; so the dress code for a cocktail party is “dressy-casual” i.e. semi-formal.

Tuxedos for men and evening dresses for women are the dress to a sport in these parties. Black color has the evening vibe of the cocktail parties but also any dark color would do as long as you keep it inconspicuous.

Men’s cocktail attire accommodates suit, coat, and ties while women’s attire is a knee-length dress with some frill. It’s acceptable if your dress is a little above your knee but you should always keep in mind that there’s a thin line between being sexy and being vulgar.

A dinner party

Suit up in your cocktail attire if it is a formal dinner party. It is always wiser to ask the host for advice. You don’t want to offend your host at their own table, do you? So, don’t overdress. Also, you risk offending your dinner companions if you underdress.

It always pays off taking out a little time to make a call to your host before you show up at their doorsteps. If it’s a festive event, dress up like you are there to celebrate, little glitz and color won’t hurt.

A business dinner or a company party

Don’t dress up an outfit that is too provocative during a business dinner party. You want to be taken seriously when it comes to job promotions and dressing provocatively on any of the company occasions would not play to your benefit. The dress code is “smart-casual” i.e. casual but works appropriately. When it is about work, you should always keep it professional.

Style gurus suggest that women can wear dress pants, a casual dress or a skirt with a nice blouse to a company party. Men are advised to stick to khakis or dress pants in a collared shirt and loafers. Look sharp, look professional. That’s the mantra.

An interview

A job interview is one of the most important days of ones’ life. You’ve got to make a good first impression which, for the most part, decides that you remain or you leave. A suit is the standard attire for an interview.

Your attire should reflect that you are disciplined and committed, so look polished. If you are at loss, making a call to the HR executives to inquire about the attire is perfectly acceptable. It shows your respect for the company and interest in the job.

A tailored suit still tends to be the standard for most corporate companies. Ladies would better avoid accessorizing too much with jangly jewelry, it’s distracting. A watch would suffice and serve well, for both men and women, it shows you value time. Don’t presume that they won’t notice, after all, you are literally asking them to judge you.


A Baptism, a Bar Mitzvah, or Some Other Religious Ceremony

Chose an outfit that is appropriate for a religious facility. Religious events tend to be more conservative thus, it is better to double-check their conventions before you choose offending apparel.

Women are suggested to wear a skirt that is below the knee, cardigans or nice khakis with no shoulder or back visible. Stay away from low-cut or clingy outfits as they can be offending in such places.

However, on celebrations like a baptism, it is important not to wear anything that is too serious, go with the colors of the festivity. Men can wear a proper formal suit.

A funeral

The color black is the safest choice if you are dressing up for a funeral but it is not mandatory. Solemnity of the event can be conveyed with other dark neutrals like navy, charcoal or forest green.

For women, a pantsuit or a knee-length dress is deemed appropriate for the occasion. Opt for quiet jewelry like pearls. Men can put on a dark suit if that doesn’t look anything near festive.

A Night at the Theater, the Ballet, or the Opera

There were days when a night at a theatre, ballet or opera meant dressing up to the best to flaunt largely. Men were suited on their best tuxedos, women put on their best ball gowns with gloves and scarfs to complement their men.

However, it is not that way anymore and if you dress like that, you will probably be overdressed for the occasion. Casual outfits, jeans, and t-shirts are common sights these days. That doesn’t mean you can’t dress up for a classy night out. Throw on your cocktail attire or opt for a pair of jeans and t-shirt as you please.

A First Date

The first date is all about leaving a good impression. The secret here is to be yourself and dress casually as you’d always do. If you are trying too hard, that for sure won’t go unnoticed which might play against you. This applies to both the guys and the girls.

Men should wear jeans and shirts with necessary accessories that would sum up their personality. Women, usually, need not do much to impress guys but having said that, don’t look too ragged and laid-back. Stylists suggest to dress up with a nice pair of skinny jeans and a sweater or shirt to look casual yet trendy.

Family Get-Together, Barbecue or Birthday Party

This is family, go laid-back with your choices and get comfortable. The code is casual. Anything goes. The stylists say, “If you are a woman, wear a sundress, a skirt or pants with a pretty top to a casual event. If you are not a woman, wear khakis with a button-down, a sweater, or a polo shirt.”

The simplest code to dressing is to dress largely according to your physique, time and season to keep alive the elegance and comfort at the same time.

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How to Choose Good Clothes

Going clothes shopping can be difficult and confusing. Sometimes you head to a department store with an idea in mind, but once you get there you have no idea where to start. There are so many different styles, cuts, sizes, colors and brands that you may feel overwhelmed. Having an idea of what looks good on you will make choosing good clothes much easier.

Dressing for Your Figure

1. Decide which features you would like to emphasize. You can use outfits to make aspects of your appearance look bigger, smaller, more obvious, or less noticeable.

Patterns –
Clothes with vertical lines will usually make the part of the body they’re worn on look thinner. Meanwhile, horizontal stripes will often make that space look wider. Bright, attention-grabbing patterns will draw the eye to where they’re worn, so if you’d like to emphasize your bust, a patterned shirt is a good strategy. The converse is also true; dark, solid pieces can de-emphasize certain areas of your body, especially when paired with bright patterns.

Waist styles –
Low-waisted paints can make your body look curvier with a more well-defined waist. Empire waists can help to emphasize your bust.

Structured tailoring –
Clothing with structured tailoring can be used to emphasize and give shape to any part of your body. Boxy outerwear can make your upper body look bulkier, while shoulder pads can specifically make your shoulders appear wider. Pleated trousers can also make legs look thicker.

Types of hemlines –
A-line skirts are great for adding curves and making your bottom half look wider. Straight skirts are also good for doing the latter. Tapered skirts have the opposite effect; wear these when trying to de-emphasize your lower body.

Fit –
In general, baggy clothing will hide definition, while tighter fits will accentuate it.

2. Know your measurements. Whether you’re buying clothing off-the-rack or having it tailored, it’s best to keep your exact proportions in mind. Use a tape measure and write down the exact numbers. Here are the measurements you should take:

The circumference of your head for hat sizing.
Upper arm for sleeves.
Neck, which is more important in men’s clothing.
Widest or fullest part of your chest or bust.
Natural waistline.
Hips for women’s clothing.
Inseam, which is the distance from your groin to the bottom of your ankle.

3. Make sure your clothing fits. The right fit is the most important part of choosing good clothes. In general, a garment that fits well but is in an unflattering style will look better than a piece with a poor fit in a style meant to flatter your body shape.

Clothing that fits should be comfortable and not hinder your movements while not looking too baggy or sloppy.

If you’re planning on losing weight, don’t buy clothes that you assume you’ll fit into in a few months. Instead, hold off major purchases until after you make any major changes.
Be sure to always hem your pants, especially if you’re on the short side. A too-low hem will make you look much shorter.

4. Buy clothing that looks great on you now. If a garment doesn’t quite fit now but you think it’ll look great once you get in shape for the summer? It’s not a good idea to buy it. Shop for your current figure, not the one you think you should have. You don’t want to waste money on clothes you might never wear.

If a jacket or blazer won’t button all the way, it doesn’t fit. Try one size up or pick a different one altogether.

If you’re swamped in a piece of clothing, it doesn’t fit. If it hangs off of you, you should pick a different size.

5. Check how clothing looks from behind. This step is crucial in finding flattering clothes that a lot of people skip. A dress or a suit can look like a perfect fit from the front but terrible from behind.

If you have a phone with a front-facing camera, take it with you to the dressing room to check how the back of each garment looks on you. See if it looks baggy or too tight. Make sure that it is flattering on you, meaning it’s not hugging the wrong curves and that it isn’t showing anything it shouldn’t.

After you check how your potential new garment looks on you from the front, turn around so that your back faces the fitting room mirror. Switch your phone to its front-facing camera mode and hold it in front of you, higher than your shoulder and tilted down slightly. You should be able to see your back’s reflection on your phone’s screen.

If your phone doesn’t have a front-facing camera, bring a small hand or a compact mirror when you go shopping instead.

6. Don’t always follow fashion trends. You may want to keep up with new styles, but if a certain popular look is unflattering on you, don’t wear it. Develop your own style and only incorporate trends that fit it well.

For example, if you’re a skinny guy and ultra-baggy suits are in, don’t waste money on this trend. You aren’t likely to pull it off as well as other body types.

On the other hand, if you’re pear-shaped and bulky scarves are trendy, take advantage of the chance to look extra chic.





Picking out the Right Garments

1. Find colors that work for you. These can be colors that flatter your skin tone, look great together, or are simply your favorites.

Choose clothes that match your skin’s undertones. People with warm undertones tend to look better with warm colors, while cool colors pair best with cool-toned skin.

Make outfits that incorporate complementary colors. These are colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel: purple with yellow, blue with orange, and red with green.

Try to build a wardrobe that includes staples of only one or two neutral colors. Neutrals will make up the foundation of most outfits but don’t often look good together. For clothes, these neutrals are considered to be light and dark gray, light and dark brown, navy, and black.

Remember that you should wear what makes you happiest. If you have a favorite color that doesn’t match your skin tone, then it still “works” for you.

2. Stick with a brand that you like. If you find an item that looks especially great on you right off-the-rack, check out other clothes by the same brand. You’re more likely to find something else that looks great on you. While sizes and cuts are often inconsistent between brands, many brands keep their particular sizing the same over time.

At the same time, if you find a brand’s quality going downhill or if it changes its sizing of, start looking elsewhere.

Keep in mind that American brands are typically more boxy and baggy compared to European ones.

3. Buy multiple versions of clothing that you like. It’s not uncommon for people to buy a few different versions of a, particularly great piece. This will let you spice up your wardrobe while sticking with what you know works.

For workhorses like skirts and pants, consider buying even a couple of identical pieces.
This is an especially good idea if you have a lot of difficulties finding comfortable clothing that fits.

4. Pay attention to each item’s value. If you can afford to purchase well-made, quality items now, you’ll save money in the long run. For example, if a good pair of boots costs twice as much but lasts ten times as long, you’ll end up spending much more money over time on ten pairs of cheap boots.

While expensive doesn’t always equal well-made, well-made clothes are usually more expensive than poorly-made ones.

With the exception of breathable summer clothes, a good sign of quality is whether or not a garment is lined.

Check the seams before you buy. Make sure they’re even and consistent. Poorly-stitched seams are a sign of poor quality.

Go for quality over quantity. It’s usually better to have a smaller wardrobe made up of well-made clothing than a larger one full of cheap pieces.
If you’re on a budget, don’t forget to check online auctions and second-hand shops. You can often find what you’re looking for at a fraction of the retail price

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What Is Eyebrow Microblading?

Many of us will be familiar with the everyday morning drudgery of drawing the perfect brows. Eyebrows can transform one’s face and are thus arguably one of our most important facial features. Yet, not everyone is blessed with thick and nicely shaped brows. Most of us often spend a lot of time filling in our brows every morning and even so, it is not unusual for many to end up with less-than-ideal-looking brows. Fortunately, eyebrow microblading is now a viable alternative to this drill.

Eyebrow microblading, also known as eyebrow embroidery, is a relatively new beauty procedure where eyebrows are tattooed onto the face by a trained beauty therapist. This method achieves a semi-permanent and natural-looking result as opposed to the stale-looking eyebrows that eyebrow tattooing often creates. Eyebrow microblading is perfect for anyone who wants to fully recreate, define, re-define, conceal gaps, or fill-in overly plucked brows.

Microblading: The procedure

Numbing cream is first applied to the eyebrows and the skin surrounding to minimize discomfort and pain. The beauty therapist will also map out a set of brows that suits you prior to microblading. A very fine blade is then used to make small, superficial cuts in your skin in and along the brows, where pigments are then deposited into. The cuts resemble actual strands of hair, thus giving your brows a fuller and natural-looking appearance.

The entire procedure takes approximately 2 hours to complete. You can expect to experience slight pain or discomfort during the procedure – some may feel it more than others. The pain is generally bearable since numbing cream has already been applied to the area.

Results and Aftercare

While microblading is a safe procedure when done by a trained therapist.

It is also normal for the brows to look dark in the beginning. After 1 – 2 weeks, however, the pigment will fade and become more natural-looking as the wound heals. The results may also vary for different people. For instance, the color pigments may fade more for some, depending on one’s skin condition and metabolism rate.

After the procedure, while you should still shower, try not to wet your brows and do apply aftercare cream for 5 – 7 days. This is to protect the pigment and keep the area clean. Your eyebrows will itch and form scabs, but you should refrain from picking them. While the healing process may differ for everyone, touch-up sessions are often recommended 40 days after the first appointment.

Your new brows are likely to last you a good 2 – 3 years after healing. Considering this, while eyebrow microblading may be costly, it is certainly a worthy investment for those who want to wake up to wow brows.

Services, Microblading Trainings + other beauty courses available as well!

Microblading Training

Join the best class for Microblading brows in Washington state. Flash Your Style Headquarters is proud to have one of the most sought after training courses in the permanent makeup industry.

We promise to give you the secrets to create the most natural looking brows. Students will learn which permanent makeup products are preferred for this most requested service, as well as the do’s and don’t s for Microblading.

What is included in our Training?

• Health & Safety
• Structure of Skin
• Brow Shapes
• Skin Diseases & Disorders
• Clients Consultation
• Different patterns & Shapes
• Setting up for Treatment & preparing the client
• Skin Anatomy
• Introduction of Permanent Makeup
• Sterilization/Sanitation
• Client information forms/Medical History/Consent Forms
• Color & Pigment Theory
• Needles
• Aftercare
• Practice Procedures
• Misc/insurance/liability

2019 Microblading Training Dates:

April 8th & 9th Richland, WA
May 6th & 7th Richland, WA
June 3rd & 4th Richland, WA

Who: Professionals wanting a career in #1 Permanent Make-up Industry

What: Two-day high-intensity Microblading Certification Training Academy

Where: Flash Your Style 118 Keene Rd. Richland WA 99352

How: Contact your Microblading Semi-Permanent Make-up Trainer (509) 572-2777

Cost: $2100, $500 enrollment deposit (is applied to balance owing) also includes our Premier Microblading Kit to start your business!

For more info visit:


Call: (509) 572-2777

or Visit us at: 118 Keene RoadRichland, WA 99352


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Getting Perfect Eyebrows

Your eyes are the important assets you have. Taking care of these is as much important as much you can. It is equally important to make your eyes and face beautiful in such a manner so that when some person makes eye contact with you, he/she must say; Wow! What are the eyes? This would be possible only if you will do something to make your face expressive and appealing.

To making yourself beautiful and appealing ‘Getting Perfect Eyebrows’ is of much importance. So definitely, now you will be interested in knowing that how to get perfect eyebrows. Here are few tips to done your eyebrows and making them perfect.

1. Include an eyebrow brush to your makeup case. An eyebrow brush will keep your brows in shape. You also can use small amount of gel to cajole them.
2. Do not pluck your brows too much. Your browser takes about 8 weeks or more to grow back.
3. If you feel the need of using an eyebrow pencil, use it but apply very light stroke, while filling your brows. You also can use eye shadow instead of pencil.
4. Thinner eyebrows will make your eyebrows good looking and appealing, use color in the center of brows only. If you have a little bigger brows, then do coloring thoroughly.
5. Brush your eyebrows using small amount of gel. This will keep your eyebrows in place and gives them the natural color.
6. Color mascara will be great on your eyebrows.
7. If you have big brows, make them tidy. You can remove extra hairs between the brows and beneath. Now fill your eyebrows as told above.
8. Well-done brows will make your face simply cute and will add something extra in you.
9. Do maintain your eyebrows on a regular basis, say, once in a week or fortnight.
10. If you have little longer brow hairs, trim using manicure scissors.
11. Pluck your brows after taking shower. This will make your task easy, and it is less painful.
12. Take precaution while plucking, so that holes will not appear on your eyebrows after plucking.

Rule of Thumb For Perfect Eyebrows

Fragile brows are for the person who has fragile features. If you have a sporty body then keep your eyebrows less manicured and thicker. This will look more natural on you.

Small Eyes

If you have small eyes, do not use any extra color at all. This will make your eyes even smaller. Shape your brows well.

Waxing Brows

Waxing makes hairs trapped below the skin surface. If you do waxing of your brows, do it, but do a cleansing of your brow area with a toner just after the waxing.

Tinting and Tattooing

Tinting of brows is very common among women especially blonde. If you are the one, never tint your brows with black, indeed; choose the combination of one or two shades darker than your hair. Preferably choose brown shades for tinting your eyebrows. If you want to tattoo your eyebrows, check for credentials of it. Sometime tattooing your brows by yourself makes these worse. If you need someone to tinting and tattooing your brows you can book online or message us on Facebook.


Semi-Permanent Make-Up
Microblading $300
– Initial Appt. (includes 1st touch up) $425
Microblading Touch Up $125
Soft Tap Lips $300
– 1st Appt. $150
– 2nd Appt. $150
Semi-Permanent Eyeliner $300
– 1st Appt. $150
– 2nd Appt. $150

So lovely ladies, get a shape up your eyebrows to look cool, gorgeous, and beautiful!


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Tips For Good Brazilian Waxing

Brazilian waxing first came to North America in the late 1980s but didn’t gain widespread popularity until the later 1990s. The procedure removes all the hair in the pubic region, front, and back. In some cases, a small strip of hair is left in the center, but total hair removal is more common. The smooth look is very popular in Brazil where thong bikinis for sun tanning are so common.

Not all beauty salons offer this form of waxing. Brazilian requires an experienced technician. When the technician works fast, there is less pain associated with the procedure. This form of waxing is more common in major cities, such as Los Angeles, New York, and Philadelphia. As the procedure gains popularity, it becomes available in more areas like Washington.

The Brazilian Waxing Procedure

The technician will start by trimming your pubic hair. The hair only needs to be a quarter of an inch long to get good results. After the hair is trimmed, the technician will spread the wax across the area in the direction of hair growth. Cloth strips are then pressed onto the wax and allowed to cool. Once the wax cools, the strips are ripped off in the direction opposite of hair growth. This pulls the hair out by the root. Any stray hairs will then be plucked with a tweezer. A soothing lotion is applied after the procedure to cool the skin and soothe irritation.

Tips for Good Results

o The hair needs to be at least a quarter of an inch long before the procedure. If you shave your pubic hair, allow it to grow back in prior to your session.

o Red bumps caused by ingrown hairs may occur after your session. This can be helped by exfoliating the skin. They are less likely to occur after repeated waxing sessions.

o You will need to wait at least three weeks in between sessions for the hair to grow back. The procedure will last anywhere from four to seven weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows.

o Some salons offer this procedure for both men and women; others only offer it for women. Check with the salon before scheduling an appointment.

o The degree of pain associated with this procedure varies according to your pain threshold and the amount and texture of the hair. A fast-moving technician is best for reducing pain.

Caring for Your Skin After Waxing

Proper care will help prevent ingrown hairs and extend the time needed in between sessions. Use a soothing lotion to reduce irritation after your session. Lavender is a common ingredient in these lotions. The skin in this area is very soft and can be easily irritated by the wax process. Cleaning the area regularly will prevent and help heal this irritation.

Ingrown hairs are common after hair removal procedures. Exfoliate the skin regularly to help relieve and prevent ingrown hairs. You can use a commercial exfoliating product, a loofah or a washcloth. A warm, damp washcloth held to the area helps heal ingrown hairs.

Book Appointments in 3 Easy Steps

1. Search for Services

It’s at 7 pm on Friday. You want to book a massage for the weekend but they are all closed for the night. After a quick search, Vagaro App has a list of massage options for you from spas nearby. You can find the best match for you based on time, prices, and reviews. Booking your appointment through Vagaro App is a breeze and you didn’t even have to make a call.

2. Compare Search Results

After searching, compare the price, location, reviews, and distance from you. With all of these details available, you are able to easily book your favorite appointment.

3. Book Your Appointment

Simply press “Book” to reserve your appointment. Congratulations, you have just booked an appointment without calling anyone.

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Acne Skin Care Pointers

Many of the world population today are afflicted with acne. Acne is basically a chronic skin disorder that affects not just the surface of the skin but also the inner layers of the skin. It commonly occurs on the face, neck, chest, and back, and starts during the adolescence period.

With a great number of its victims, many experts and skin specialists were encouraged to conduct studies on how to prevent its formation. Fortunately, they were able to discover certain acne skin care tips that may be of great help for fighting acne. These acne skin care tips are mentioned below.

Acne Skin Care: Gently Clean Your Skin

Personal hygiene is very necessary for fighting acne. So as what most expert usually suggest, you should gently clean your skin with a mild cleanser at least twice a day. This simple acne skin care step is deemed important for fighting acne since washing your face or the other affected areas will wipe away the acne-causing bacteria found on the skin. Also note that although you are sometimes told to scrub your face, scrubbing is not a good acne skin care move since it will just trigger the development of acne, worsening the condition. In addition to this acne skin care step, it is worth noting that astringents are not always suggested unless the skin is very oily. And, they must only be applied on the oily spots.

Acne Skin Care: Refrain from Frequently Holding the Skin

Another helpful acne skin care tip is to avoid frequently handling of the skin. Don’t pinch, pick or squeeze your pimple since it will only worsen the condition. Many of the people have considered this acne skin care step as one of the most important acne skin care pointers knowing that it may only cause infection and scars formation. As this acne skin care tip holds, you should avoid rubbing and touching your skin lesions if possible.

Acne Skin Care: Choose Cosmetics Carefully

This last acne skin care tip holds that people who are being treated for acne must change some of the cosmetics they use. Note that in order to avoid the onset or the development of acne, the cosmetics like the foundation, blush, moisturizers, and eye shadow you will use should be oil-free. Aside from that, this acne skin care tip also holds that you must avoid oily hair products for they may cause closed comedones. Therefore, those products that are labeled as noncomedogenic should be applied.

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Leg Waxing

For us women, having smooth and silky legs free of hair is very important. We want to look our very best but many get tired of shaving each day. We don’t like the amount of time it takes or the way it leaves our legs feeling. For us women, the legs are the most common area for waxing. This is a process that allows the hair to be removed with a hot waxy substance. A woman won’t have to shave for several weeks depending on how fast her hair grows.

Leg waxing doesn’t have to take very long even though they are areas of the body with the most hair on a woman. You can use very long strips of cloth to place on them. You can also let on leg sit with the application of wax and cloth on it while you start on the other leg. To ensure you don’t miss any areas it is a good idea to go around the leg completely and then to move up higher. Some slight overlapping will help you to make sure you don’t accidentally skip an area like you. This is very easy to do especially if your hair color is light.

Many women will tell you that they feel some stinging during the leg waxing process. In order to help avoid this, you need to get your legs ready for the waxing process. This includes taking a shower to remove all the debris and dirt from your body. Sweat will make the wax less active that it should be on your skin. Apply a layer of a good lotion before you wax your legs to keep them moisturized and smooth. You also want to apply lotion again to them once you are done waxing.

It can take some time to get the hang of how to wax your own legs. There are kits out there that come with everything you need. Make sure you carefully read the directions before you get started. The legs are an area of the body that is very easy to do a good job waxing on your own. Many women still have it done in a salon though as a matter of convenience. They also like to pamper themselves when it comes to body maintenance and this is just one more way that they do it.

Can’t do it alone? We got you!

At Flash Your Style, there are no limits when it comes to your personal style. Professional lash extensions, waxing, and micoroblading treatments can enhance your natural beauty and give you the confidence to take on anything that comes your way. Our precise techniques guarantee your safety and gorgeous results, and we take pride in providing a relaxing experience where your needs are always met. As trusted authorities on your favorite style enhancements and beauty services, we work hard to ensure you look and feel amazing.

Waxing Services

Brow Tint -$20
Lash Tint -$20
Brow Wax -$16
Lip Wax -$10
Chin Wax -$10
Nose Wax -$15
Full Face -$40
Full Leg -$80
Half Leg -$45
Chest -$50
Full Arm -$40
Half Arm -$30
Under Arm -$20
Add on Special Wax -$10
Brazilian -$75
Mini Dermaplaning -$35
Back -$60
Stomach -$20
Bikini -$40

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Online Microblading & Fibroblasting Training WorldWide

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Eyelash Extensions – Enhancement Of Beauty

The eyes are one of the first features people notice when they meet someone new, to make the most out of your eyes, and your first impression, you can add eyelash extensions. Getting long, lush lashes and then adding eye-popping (pardon the pun!) makeup can make your eyes really stand out, and who wouldn’t want that?

Even if you’re not wearing any other eye makeup, your eyes will still have that exotic look that no one can ignore. Extensions will give you the impact you want no matter where you are, or what you are doing.

If you have determined that eyelash extensions are the right choice for you, you have two distinct options. You can either apply them yourself, and save a lot of money in the process, or go to Flash Your Style and have it done professionally.

If you have the budget, and this is your first time, you may be better off having a professional apply them for you. It can be a little tricky and as with pretty much everything, practice does make perfect.

It’s also a good way for you to watch what they’re doing so you will have an easier time if and when you decide to do it for yourself. Most stylists can even show you how to do it and answer any questions that come to mind.

If you choose to start right off with the do it yourself option you should get a kit. Not only will you get detailed directions with a kit, you will also get everything needed to apply the lashes.

The first time you apply your lashes, you shouldn’t have any big plans. Expecting to do your own lashes an hour before a big date or a special occasion may not be wise. If you do run into any problems you’ll have really put yourself under a lot of pressure.

Instead, do it the first time when you have plenty of time. That way if you have some difficulties you won’t be adding to the pressure by running out of time too. And don’t forget, you bought a kit for a reason. Make sure you carefully follow the directions.

When buying your extensions you have the choice of buying eyelashes that are made of real human hair or those that are made up of synthetic products. The real hair option is the most expensive but they also look real (duh, they are real).

The synthetic lashes will come in many quality levels and you do get what you pay for. The higher the quality the higher the price. It’s usually not a good idea to get the cheapest one you can find.

For anyone who wants to get the glamorous look of long, lush eyelashes and maybe take what nature has given you up a notch, eyelash extensions are a great way to go. Whether you do it yourself or go to us and get it done, you can really make your eyes ‘pop’, and isn’t that what it’s all about?

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